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Yo!! Everyone, it's me AKOS, this week's topic is "Faith equals daily life". Well,what exactly does "Faith equals daily life" means? Don't worry, just follow me and you will know. Hahaha. Actually, one of my friend, Snoopy, will explain what "Faith equals daily life" means.

So everyone, sit back and enjoy the comic, hahaha.......

(**Note: read the comic from right and enlarge for a clearer view)

Oh, now i understand,we experience one suffering after another. We are assailed by hardships. That is the reality of life. But each of us possesses the power to face and overome all these obstacles.

The point is whether we believe this and are actually able to manifest this strength. To be defeated by suffering and filled with complain is to be shackled by our karma. It is squarely facing our suffering that we are able to transform it into something that is part of the purpose of our lives. By overcoming it, our ability to achieve our purpose in life becomes strengthened. It is by challenging & overcoming difficulties as ordinary people that we demonstrate the greatness of the Mystic Law.

Wow, thank you very much Snoopy. Now i really know "Faith equals daily life means".

That's all for this week's sharing. Until next time.

See ya!!

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Pictures & Video of our Sports day Training

23rd May 2009


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Heya, pple!!! One week nvr hear frm me, did u guys missed me?

AKOS's here, n in case u forget hw i've looked lyk, pls refer to the beautiful picture below!!! A superstar lion's pic can't always be goin up in public de!!! Hahax!!!

Recently, i've a meaningful dialogue wif these two super knowledgable frenz of mine: michael and yun hui. We were talkin abt everything under the sun, when all of a sudden we found ourselves talking abt a topic tat is very close to our hearts: FREINDSHIP!!! Yes, friendship. I shall now recounts what we have been talking abt.

(talking abt everything under the sun @ starbucks)

AKOS: Hey, recently i've got this fren who is facing tis prob of making frenz. He seems to think that nobody lyks him n all, n tat genuine friendship is really hard to find.

Michael: Hmmmm... I think itz really important firstly to know what genuine friendship is. Genuine friendship is a relationship u shared with another person in which u emphathize with them when they are suffering and support them with encouragements and care/ concern etc. And they, in turn will do the same for you.

AKOS: Wow!!! So itz a two-way thingy?

Michael: Yes, where u'll always b there fer them and when u're facing some prob, theyll b there for u too!!! Itz a beautiful thing!!!

AKOS: But, hw do we noe who is our true frenz?

Yun Hui: Well, basically true frenz are those helpful, always being there for u, compassionate n all. On the other hand, bad frenz are those who will be with you onli during good times, flatters u to gain benefits and all. Itz nt that hard to differentiate.

AKOS: Ohhhh... Cud u lyk elaborate abit?

Yun Hui: Okay. True frenz will help u and be there for u whenever you faced a problem. They will NEVER forsake you and will go as far as sacrificing their lives for u. They will emphathize with you n keep encouraging you not to give up!!!

AKOS: Then, wad abt compassionate?

Michael: Compassionate in the sense that they will point out your mistakes and tell you what's good fer u!!! U may not lyk it at times, but do rmb that they are doing this to help you; deep in their hearts they hope by pointing out ur mistakes, you'll nvr commit the same mistakes again and be a better person.

Yun Hui: In short, good frenz are those who cn inspire and help u in doing your human revolution and be a better person!!!

AKOS: I see!!! I've nvr tot of that!!!

Michael: Uh huh. N frm a buddhism point of view, good frenz are those who leads you to the correct teachings, to Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism!!! Conversely, bad frenz are those who obstruct your Buddhist practice.

AKOS: Woah!!! Now i really see the importance of having good frenz!!! They cud really change your lives.

Yun Hui: Yes!!! ND states: "When a tree has been transplanted, though fierce winds may blow, it will not topple if it has a firm stake to hold it up. But even a tree that has grown up in place may fall over if its roots are weak. Even a feeble person will not stumble if those supporting him are strong, but a person of considerable strength, when alone, may fall down on an uneven path."

AKOS: I know i know!!! So it means good frenz will support you in ur Buddhist practice, encouraging you to strengthen your faith, chants with you and overcome your problems with you!!! Rite?

Michael: Hahax!!! U've become smarter!!! Yes, tatz rite. However, tat is not to sae that bad frenz will forever remain as bad frenz. We cud turn them frm bad frenz into good frenz too.

AKOS: How?

Yun Hui: The SGI organisation (& our TPSD) is a gathering of good frenz - fellow Boddhisattvas of the Earth - who inspire and encourage one another in the correct practice of ND Buddhism. In order to turn bad frenz into good frenz, itz very simple: introduce them to our Buddhism to help them to achieve growth n happiness in their lives.

Michael: Yes. ND indicates in his writings that his opponents were acting as his good frenz in the sense that they help him strengthen his weaknesses, improve his character and giving him tha chance to prove the power of faith. The same applies to us. We cud change them and their lives, by becoming good frenz of our very own bad frenz.

AKOS: NOw i understand le!!! Thnk you to both of you!!! I've indeed learnt alot frm u two. I know how to encourage my fren liao. Hahax. Alrite, let's meet up some other dae?

Michael & Yun Hui: No prob!!!

(The End)

Yea, hopefully u guys hav learn as much as i did!!! I will cont'd to improve myself, to b a beta lion-fren to EVERYONE here in TPSD!!! Really hope to hear frm u guys, n really hope to see u guys soon!!! =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hello all living peeps! :) The epidemic of swine flu had cause much trouble and inconvenience to almost everyone on earth and sadly, there goes the stop of Friday Dinner too. However, thanks to this ‘rusty’ TPSD blog that we’re still able to continue the Fri. Dinner topic with the advancement of technology. Yeah! So though we’re unable to meet every Fri now in big groups, but do drop by TPSD blog frequently for Fri. Dinner weekly topics & more updates yea. This blog will be a means of communication for everyone and you could too drop your valuable opinion at the taggy box at the side.

Oh after saying so much, I’ve yet to introduce myself. HEY YO once again. :) I’m AKOS and I’ve just joined the funky TPSD family. Due to my super-CUTE hair and ultimate-SEXY body, I’m not easily spotted in sch. But once spotted, crowds will gather around me. :D Take a look at my picture~

That's me! :D

Why I’m name AKOS? Simply reverse my name and you’ll get S-O-K-A! COOL right! I just loveee my name & my hair & my body. :DD Alright enough of my introduction, let me get to the main highlight. I’m sure the name Daisaku Ikeda will not sound alien to most of us who practice Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism or those who are believers as well. But how well do we actually know about his background, his achievements or even his married life? SO SO SO, this week, I’m going to bring everyone back to the past (81 years ago) and share with your more about our dear mentor-DAISAKU IKEDA. :))

Daisaku Ikeda’s Early Life
A young Daisaku Ikeda, in elementary school class (front row, fourth from left)

Dear Daisaku Ikeda was born in Tokyo, 1928 as the 5th son in a family that harvested seaweed. Since young, he has always been in weak health condition. He grew up in Tokyo at a time of war in Japan and his family has been devastated by war:

1) his house has been destroyed by air raids twice
2) hearing stories of Japanese soldiers committing atrocities acts in China from his eldest brother, Kiichi
3) his four brothers were all drafted into war
4) his eldest brother, Kiichi died during the war

Thus leading to his hatred for war and yearning of the right philosophy of life. He writes:
"I was 17 when World War II ended. There ­was among young people a tormented sense of spiritual void. It wasn't just the physical landscape that had been reduced to ashes. The bizarre system of values drilled into us in the wartime years had been exposed as fraudulent and razed to the ground... I found it impossible to trust the intellectuals and politicians who, having sung the praises of war and driven large numbers of young people to their deaths, overnight became apostles of peace and democracy."

Daisaku Ikeda, at the age of 19

His turning point in life – Meeting Toda Sensei

During a discussion meeting, Daisaku Ikeda’s friend invited him to attend the meeting. At the age of 19 (14th August 1947), he met Josei Toda. He asked Josei Toda the question “What is the correct way of life?” Toda answered and he felt that Josei Toda was a man he could follow and believe in because Tsunesaburo Makiguchi – 1st president of Soka Gakkai & Josei Toda – 2nd president of Soka Gakkai, stood up against the Japanese government against the war. So Daisaku Ikeda found Josei Toda an open and unaffected person, a man of unshakable conviction with a gift for explaining profound Buddhist concepts in logical, accessible terms.

He soon found employment at one of Josei Toda's company and later completed his education under the tutelage of Josei Toda, whom became his mentor in life.

In May 1960, 2 years after Josei Toda's death, Daisaku Ikeda, then 32, succeeded him as president of the Soka Gakkai.

Daisaku Ikeda's inauguration as third president of the Soka Gakkai

Under his leadership, the movement began an era of innovation and expansion, becoming actively engaged in cultural and educational endeavours worldwide. Ikeda has dedicated himself to fulfilling Toda's dreams by developing initiatives in the areas of peace, culture and education.

In 1975, Ikeda became the first president of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI), now a global network linking over 12 million members in 190 countries and territories.

WOOO… Yeah! So that was the summarisation of Daisaku Ikeda, from the time he was born till how he has met his mentor, Josei Toda. And the best is yet to come!!!!

Go grab some snacks and continue reading.
NEXT will be on Daisaku Ikeda’s married life….
Daisaku Ikeda and Kaneko Ikeda on their wedding day, May 3, 1952

How they know each other?
Daisaku Ikeda first know Shiraki (Kaneko’s brother) at his workplace and he later learned that Shiraki’s family had joined the Soka Gakkai before the war. Thus they started to have common topic. During 1 of the train ride, Shiraki introduced Kaneko and said, “This is my sister.” And Daisaku Ikeda said something like, “Oh, hi!” and they exchanged nods. That was their 1st encounter. Kaneko was working at the bank then and they had occasion to see each other often as they always take the same direction home. Whenever they met each other, their discussions would range from the stars in the night sky to the state of the Soka Gakkai and its future plans. Kaneko will always listened and keep up with his grand scale of thoughts.

Daisaku Ikeda’s 1st move:
1 day in July, Daisaku Ikeda rushed to a member’s home to attend a Gakkai meeting and Kaneko was the only one there. Outside, thunder sound keep hitting, but inside the quiet room, only silence could be heard. So, Daisaku Ikeda took out a piece of paper and started penning down a verse and handed to Kaneko. It wrote:

“Waiting out the storm, fiercely pounds my heat. Is it leaping at the thought of the storm? No, I know it beats strongly but only in secret. Oh, my heart has found. In you a flowing fountain. It seeks in you a blossoming flower.”

The poem Daisaku Ikeda gave was a love poem. Thus Kaneko was very surprised. Until that time, she had only admires him from afar. After receiving the poem, she began to have feelings for him.

Slowly, love blossomed and they got married on May 3, 1952 when Kaneko just turned 20.

How Daisaku Ikeda propose?
He simply said, “Put your trust in me and stick with me.”

Memorable gift that sensei had gave Kaneko:
1st thing is the wedding ring. He said, Look, these are diamonds!” and indeed there were 2 shiny stones on it. He added, “These symbolize the 2 of us.” However, over the year, the “diamonds” started to lose their luster. Later, they found out that they were made of zircon (a crystalline mineral that looks like diamonds).

Kaneko’s wedding ring

The 2nd thing was a tiny pill case with jewels like emeralds glittering on the lid, a small present Daisaku Ikeda bought for Kaneko on his 1st trip to United States. When he handed that gift to Kaneko, he told her, “These are real, and the case was expensive.” But just so happen that when they went to United States the other time, they found the exact same thing at a roadside stall. When Kaneko saw it, she exclaimed, “Look! It’s 1 dollar!” Daisaku Ikeda burst out laughing. “I’ve been caught!” But these were Kaneko’s fond memory.
Isn’t Daisaku Ikeda sweet yet humorous? :D

Kaneko gave birth to her 1st son, Hiromasa at 21; her 2nd son, Shirohisa at 22; and 3rd son, Takahiro at 26.
Hiromasa, Shirohisa, and Takahiro, May 1960, around the time their father becomes Soka Gakkai president

2 yrs later, Daisaku Ikeda became president of Soka Gakkai, thus making Kaneko the wife of the president at the young age of 28. Shirohisa die from illness at age of 29. The 3 boys had deep respect for their father though Daisaku Ikeda was always travelling overseas for the sake of world peace. But whenever time allows, he will spend quality time and bond with his sons.

Daisaku Ikeda's family portrait!

Sweet moments with his wife, Kaneko Ikeda. :)

Daisaku Ikeda always says:
“She (Kaneko Ikeda) is a partner and a companion, at times a nurse and an invaluable assistant, at times like a mother, a friend or sister. But most of all she has been my best and closest comrade through all life's struggles.”

Aren’t Daisaku Ikeda and Kaneko Ikeda a role model of an idea marriage? :)

Here are some milestones and achievements of Daisaku Ikeda.

24 April 1979:
To resolve the conflict and prevent Gakkai members from being subjected to further abuse from the priesthood, Daisaku Ikeda announces his resignation from the position of Soka Gakkai president at a prefecture leaders meeting. He becomes honorary Soka Gakkai president.

Nichiren Shoshu priests, joined by a number of corrupt and scheming Gakkai members who had discarded their faith. The Priesthood even refrain Ikeda from speaking or encouraging the members.
July 1980:
Daisaku Ikeda decided to begin writing the Human Revolution again. Years earlier, he had finished the last volume, but much had happened since then.

Home Visits:
Visiting members in their homes is an essential activity. It was one that Mr. and Mrs. Ikeda delighted in.

Daisaku Ikeda was named as the 6th most influential figure in Japan.

Daisaku Ikeda was also named in the Times Magazine as the most powerful person in the world.

"I firmly believed that, though I was alone, true companions would one day naturally join me again, without my saying a word. We would unite in the oneness of mentor and disciple to strive, to soar, to advance, to triumph together, without limit. I was waiting for the new companions of a new era to appear."
Daisaku Ikeda also constantly hold dialogues with world great leaders, scholars, writers and educators such as Rosa Parks, Zhou Enlai, Nelson Mandela... and their discussion topics usually covers a wide range.
Top to bottom: Dialogue with Arnold Toynbee (1972)
British historian Soviet Premier Aleskey Kosygin (1975)
Premier Wen Jiabao (2007)

The interest of the Japanese has increased since the famous Japanese philosopher and humanist, Daisaku Ikeda got the world award for Humanity by the Ohrid Academy of Humanism in 2007. Ohrid was presented in the newspaper, "Seiko Shimbun" and also an article about the religion conference of October was printed in the "Soka Gakkai" magazine.

On 21st March 2009 Daisaku Ikeda had received his 250th Honorary Doctorate in Soka University. In fact there are still more to come, close to 300 of doctorate. Till now, he had received his 500th honorary citizenship.

Some pictures of Daisaku Ikeda receiving his Honourary Doctorate & Professorship

Daisaku Ikeda write peace proposal to the United Nation annually since 1983 regarding various issues

In the nearly 50 years since becoming president of the Soka Gakkai lay Buddhist association at the age of 32, Daisaku Ikeda had been doing what he could for world peace and some include personal diplomacy during the Cold War, ongoing dialogues with a broad range of individuals from around the world, numerous publications and proposals and the founding of various peace-related institutions…more more more.

Daisaku Ikeda was also an educator where he founded many schools, from kindergarten to junior school to high school to university. In Singapore, we too have a Soka Kindergarten located at Tampines.

Soka Elementary School & Soka University of America

President Ikeda continued to establish warm bonds with members, however he could. Those human connections are not the result of one's leadership position (or lack of one), nor are they a result of any inequality of position -- those precious bonds are the result of one human being caring and encouraging another, heart to heart.

And "the new companions of a new era" that President Ikeda sought are the Youth Division members, whose pure, uncorrupted faith allows them to always advance, no matter what. President Ikeda's spirit was to always put the members first. His concern was not about his position in the organization or about status, but only about establishing true bonds of friendship with others, no matter what. This is the lesson that we cherish today.

Hope the above post had let your understand more on Daisaku Ikeda. If you have any question, comment, feedback, suggestion or opinion, feel free to voice out. AKOS will be more than happy to hear from you. Till then hope to see everyone soon and do take care peeps! SAYONARA~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



As the saying goes who bbq on a weird monday blues NIGHT!!

Answer is like obviously TPSD!!

So a big thanks to all who came down and make the moon brighter than before!!

I am sure everybody had fun and went home with a stomach full of sinful ( 幸福) FOOD RIGHT!!

Nevertheless, still a few photos to digest it all UP!!


THE GOSSIPY LADIES who were gossiping the whole night=)




Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey TPSD-ians!!

I know it's kind of dead here since the last update was more than one month ago.

Seems like everyone is busy rushing to submit projects within the dateline.

Some activities that had happened recently.

Some of out TPSD-ians joined the MILK Run under Beyond Social Services and a STOMP item was performed together with our fellow SD-ians from other institutions! I'm sure all of them had loads of fun right??

Also, just about 2 weeks ago, we held our TPSD July Institution meeting at TSC. It was indeed an unforgettable event with our SD chief joining us and we even had our TPSD SUPERMODELS!!!

Sadly, our Friday Dinner Restaurant will be closing soon as the semester exams are drawing closer. So, let's come down and patronise the restaurant k? And we must not do last minute work so that we can provide the best quality results. So must start studying le o.

Last but not least, Our TPSD CIC, Jeng Khit will be performing for Friday Rendezvous on 25JULY at SYC. Let's go down support k?? 8pm!! See you all soon!!!

TPSD Stompers '08!